Quality & Maintenance

Quality & Maintenance

Quality & care

Cushion covers are removable, premium paddings are filled with a high quality synthetic fiber or with fine duck feather.

For an impeccable finish, our printed textile products go through several delicate steps. The fabric is treated to become as smooth as possible.It is then dipped in a special solution to prevent the dyes from bleeding at the printing time.

After the printing, the fabric is steamed, passing slowly through the machine with a saturateing steam at 110 C degrees. It is washed at 80 C degrees to insure removal of any excess dye, and is rinsed twice and spun. The final step is a fine coating of the printed fabric to assure its bright colors and soft hand. Our linen are also treated easy ironing and stain-resistant.

linen quality

To insure that our fabrics look brand new for as long as possible, here are some suggestions:

- Use an environment friendly laundry soap with no added bleaches or brighteners. Oxidants in common laundry detergents can dull and damage the colors. Laundry brighteners can mute and change the colors, and what’s more are not good for the environment.

- We suggest that you do not overfill your washing machine because this puts unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric, and will damage the feel of the linen.

- Make sure you have totally unfolded the linen before adding it to the machine, to wash the pillow turn it back to front, wash at 30 C and slow down the spin cycle to minimum rotationsto avoid any white traces or too much wear from the machine drum.

- Do not use a clothes dryer. After wash the wash and spin cycle you can iron it while it is still damp. Your linen will have regained its original beauty.

Fine duck feathers paddinds

Rouge du Rhin paddings are designed and manufactured in an eco-responsible approach to favor short supply chains and promote high-quality materials. Whether for fine duck feather or synthetic fibers, corporate partners are all located in France.


Based on unique values and know-how, our fine duck feather supplier has been manufacturing high quality products for 150 years.

Duck feathers from South-West of France make for the best paddings. Natural and ultra comfortable, this stuffing is a real advantage for increasingly demanding customers and seekers of products of excellence.

Bag cover 70% cotton, 30% polyester - Machine washable 30°

Synthetic fibers paddinds


Our premium cushions inserts are filled with hollow, siliconized, conjugate, virgin polyester fiber*. Microfiber bag cover 50% cotton, 50% polyester - Machine washable 30°

Hollow: This means that it traps the air ; in other words this is what gives the cushion forms their loft and shape.

Siliconized: The polyester fibers are coated with silicon. In cheaper fibers, the silicon coating is not used and this causes the fibers to stick together. Silicon coating allows the fibers to slide over each other.

Conjugate polyester fibers are twisted, giving it extra resiliency and bounce, allowing it to last long and fill pillows up with a strong loft factor (fill power).

Virgin: This means that the fiber is made from all new, non-recycled polyester fibers only."